Taking the plunge!

I’m about to take the plunge and leave my job as Head of Art at a high school to develop Sugar Buttons further.

I’ve had a varied career before becoming a teacher; from gallery work to designing and making props and sets for TV. I always knew I’d end up working for myself sometime in the future and that future starts very soon! I have loved teaching Art for the last 13 years but its time for me to move on and really focus on Sugar Buttons.


I don’t plan on leaving teaching altogether as I intend to increase the cake decorating classes I already offer, as well as introducing a range non food based creative workshops.

Sugar Buttons Cakes will still exist; offering beautiful bespoke wedding cakes, wow factor celebration cakes and delicious cupcakes.


Sugar Buttons Creative will be the place to go for creative workshops, classes and parties.


I am currently giving my website an overhaul ready for the new stage of my business so until it is re-launched in June, keep a look out on my Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter feeds.


First post, done!

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